Nov 30, 10 Kanha

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Mischievous as ever donning a peacock feather on his head he makes tiny little footsteps all around the house on this very festive day Art by Anuradha Chandrasekaran ...

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Nov 30, 10 Chosen

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Anjali glanced at the calendar hanging on the kitchen door. Today’s date was circled in red- April 20th. Just then, her phone rang. “Happy Chosen Day, Anju! Happy Chosen day!” both her brothers screamed on the phone. “Thank you. Hey, I’m getting ready for work. I’ll see you this evening,...

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26th October – Later

Nov 30, 10 26th October – Later

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3 years later I just spent 15 minutes convincing the man at the door that you’re dead But where does he live – that twit asked “Ha..I wish I knew” I said Where are you dad? And how’ve you been? What have you heard? and what have you seen? Do you often look down and wonder what we’re up to? Do you...

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Museworthy – Irritators Inc.

Nov 30, 10 Museworthy – Irritators Inc.

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This column is a light look at life and the world around us. Aditya is a talkative Gemini, devoted Potter addict, commercial-film buff & Bollywood-Music-Lover who Facebooks more than what his mother and father would approve of. It was perfect. I had a bucket of popcorn, a comfy seat and Mum and Dad on either side. And the...

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7 – Oct-2010

Nov 30, 10 7 – Oct-2010

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For the last few months Kashmir has been on the edge of a knife again and as usual, India went through its well rehearsed set of emotions, reactions and patronizing media coverage (that I personally believe is part of the problem) that has made the Kashmir issue yet another inconvenience to the average Indian. I don’t want to go...

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