May 12, 11 Draupadi

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Episode -10 One morning about six months later, Draupadi sat with Kunti-ma and Sahadeva on the lawns on the palace and watched as Arjuna and Bhima bowed to each other and picked up their maces. The two heavy men balanced themselves and swung the heavy mace out slowly, so slowly, that when the first ‘clang’ of contact...

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The Devil’s in the Shruthi

May 12, 11 The Devil’s in the Shruthi

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My parents always favored my sister more. There, I said it and I have no issues saying it. She was the more prettier one, she was better with studies, she was the obedient one, she was their perfect little daughter who would do everything they wanted of her. Ask them about world peace, they would not put it past her. And on top of...

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Solitude’s Melody

May 12, 11 Solitude’s Melody

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Sealed in a box surrounded by four walls, Sometimes you tend to forget What is the reason for your existence? For what obscure reason does the heart still beat? Words appear and words fade away Does it matter when there are no ears listening? I used to know a little song once I used to hum a couple of lines once in a...

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May 12, 11 Dafatan

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We left Kitty Hawk at around 8:12 pm. It was still twilight as I got behind the wheel because the only other driver in the group suffered a few cramps. Trucks and SUVs entered the market, fresh off their fun in the beaches while we exited. The main road leading from Kitty Hawk to Roanoke Island was awfully quiet for that time....

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Other Son Of Ganges

May 11, 11 Other Son Of Ganges

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“You pull the nerve. You pull the life…”, began Bhai. Every end has a beginning. And all of it began when all of it had ended. Like the soil parting away for a layer of new soil beneath itself ,as the rain breaks through its surface. Men, women and children, all have to face a downpour of time upon them that breaks through...

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