The Seven Swaras

Jul 31, 10 The Seven Swaras

In the heart of Nature, God dropped a beautiful gift,

And into our lives, let its aura unfold,

A marvel of seven pearls to delight our souls

And “music” it was called.

Seven strings woven in complex ways,

And yet resonating in perfect harmony,

Seven colors combined in myriad shades,

Blend so beautifully in a mellifluous symphony.

The lilting voice of a playback singer,

Or the potent flourish of classical notes,

The relaxing softness of a lullaby

Or the peppy rhythm of a colorful folk song.

The sweet ripples of the flute,

The intricate fine tones of the violin,

The tingling waves of the jal-tarang,

The mesmerizing melody of the mandolin.

Sweet music imparts relief and calm,

To our worries is a soothing balm,

Music can heal, music can cure,

It’s a magic spell that can attract and allure.

Music can unite hearts,

Imbibe a special feeling of joy that penetrates

Stress, anxiety, anger are all tempered,

Where the sound of music reverberates.

Enjoy the lively tempo,

Let your hands clap,

Feel the irresistible beats,

Let your feet tap.

Like a drop of water

To a parched mouth,

Like a cool breeze

On a hot sultry day,

Feel the bliss,

Feel the comfort,

That sweet music brings,

Whether you hear, sing, whistle or play.

And even when all’s quiet, no one’s singing,

No drums being tapped, nothing to hear,

You can still feel the sounds ringing

In your head, it plays loud and clear.

An old melody that you love,

Or a song you got hooked on to just yesterday,

The brain can hum them back merrily

And stun you in its own wondrous way.

Music is a science,

An organized composition of its seven elements,

But it’s also an art, a skill,

Of creative, imaginative figments.

Music is a language,

A channel to express emotions,

Music is a way of worship,

To reveal the mind’s pure devotion.

Music transcends you from reality,

Into a tranquil heavenly world,

Of ecstasy and pleasure immense,

A divine experience unfurled.

Become one with the sea of music,

Immerse yourself in it,

Feel its sweet nectar sink into your veins,

Taste and absorb every bit.

o Shweta Krishnan.


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